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2024-2025 Disciple-Making Evangelism Plan

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As presented at the General Conference Annual Council in October 2023


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Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual

Train your local church in its role in evangelism and discipleship

Spiritual Revival and Personal Evangelism Training

Revive and equip church members.

Revival and Reformation

resources and plans to aid local churches in their emphasis on spiritual revival

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Back to the Altar

resources to aid in calling members back to personal, family, and corporate worship

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Personal evangelism training resources may be drawn from each of the disciple-making phases below.

Health and Friendship-Building Ministries 

This phase befriends people and ministers to their practical needs. 

Keys to Health Evangelism

practical booklet on how to conduct local church health evangelism


Keys to Adventist Community Services

practical booklet on how to conduct need-based ministries in your local community



mental health program for local churches

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Breathe Free 2

stop smoking plan

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Adventist Recovery Ministries Global

Christ-centered addiction recovery program

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Literature, Media, and Personal Invitations 

This phase invites people to consider spiritual truth. 

Spread the Word

This GROW series book is for local church members and leaders; use to train in personal evangelism, including how to run local church literature, media, and invitation distribution ministries

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The Great Controversy Project 2.0

resources for the distribution of the book The Great Controversy

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Special Great Controversy Tract

sharing tract to promote downloads of The Great Controversy


Sidewalk Evangelism

Simple and effective plan to mingle with and invite people to take Bible studies.

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Hope TV

truth-filled media content that can be shared with friends

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Bible Study Ministry 

This phase goes deeper by engaging people in a full-message series of Bible studies. 

Keys to Giving Personal Bible Studies

booklet on how to give Bible studies


Keys to Church-Based Bible School

booklet on how to organize a local church Bible school


Bible School Resources

Bible schools and study guides in multiple languages

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Hope Bible Study

Multiple online Bible study courses

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AWR Unlocking Bible Prophecies

Video studies on prophecy that can be shared with friends

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Evangelistic Meetings 

This phase appeals to people to follow Christ and Bible truth and to be baptized. 

Keys to Public Evangelism

booklet on how to plan and conduct public evangelistic meetings


Keys to Gaining Decisions for Christ & His Truth

booklet on how to gain positive decisions


Fundamentals of Faith

This GROW series booklet is a simple guide to be used with those preparing for baptism or profession of faith

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Public evangelism sermons and slide presentations

four series of evangelistic slide presentations, including one for youth, to assist in small group or public evangelistic meetings

End-time Messages from Jesus

Revelation of Hope

Share Him

Voice of Youth

Prophecy Odyssey

learn how your church can stream this new series of 18 presentations by Pastor Doug Batchelor from September 20 to October 5, 2024.

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New Member Discipleship Training 

This phase nurtures new members, trains them in evangelism, and integrates them into the life and mission of the church..

Discipleship Handbook

this GROW series book is a simple and comprehensive plan and curriculum to mentor and train newly baptized members

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Sabbath School & PM App

free digital access to Sabbath School Bible study guides and other helpful resources

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EGW Writings 2 App

free digital access to Ellen White’s writings

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Discipling, Nurturing, and Retention

this book provides best practices in these critical aspects of the mission


Discipleship in Action

28 discipleship lessons for youth

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